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About Us

Our Mission

Marble Polishing Marbella has been serving homes in Costa del Sol since 2012. We are a family-owned and operated business that provides honest and reliable marble and stone restoration and maintenance services throughout Costa del Sol. As a company, we take pride in our ability to help our client’s dreams become a reality. Our reputation stems directly from our dedication to delivering distinguishable quality and service.



Have your home or office look and feel like brand new on a budget and in only a few hours!

We take great joy in being able to uplift our customer’s feelings of well-being in their homes or offices by offering  a careful cleaning to their marble floors or walls.

The process

The process of cleaning the marble consists in spraying a special cleaning liquid, after which we carefully polish the surface with the polishing machine. The technique consists of using a wire wool cleaning pad which will generate heat from abrasion and the special cleaning liquid will react with the marble and thus it will be producing a new compound on its surface.
Each type of marble is different to restore.

The shine and the protection of the marble requires several steps: Cleaning, Crystallization and Sealing.





After the polishing service

Be Floored By Professionals.

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"Chris did a great job with our apartment floors, we feel just like when we first moved in and everything was perfect and shining. Thank you Chris!”


“After a few years our floors started looking like dirty and scratched and it wasn't a pleasant feeling staying at home anymore. In only a few hours after calling Chris to help, our home looks brand new! Both ourselves and the kids are feeling happy!”


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